Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Only in America...

How many of you work with people whose jobs are to oversee your duties, yet they seem to have problems accomplishing their own damn tasks? I DO! and let me tell you America, its the worst. Everyday I come to work prepared to do the tasks set out on my job description, but everyday it seems as if my simple job becomes more and more complicated. WHy? do you ask...well let me tell you....this 27 year old idiot (whom somehow managed to graduate college with a degree in stupidity and get a job reigning over me and my perfectly competent co-workers) just cannot seem to accomplish her own duties....THIS is not because she chooses not to, but it is however, America, because she chooses to chop it up with her amigos in el salvador 24 hours a day 7 days a week in verbal and text form, and spend a good six-eight hours of her work day on facebook's farmville. It doesn't even matter that she has absolutely no idea how to fill out A-G requirements on a transcript when that's the remedial basis of her job description. Or that all she has do all day is pull out students from their classes and come up with an action plan to help them succeed in their classes. PLEASE SOMEBODY, tell me why/how this is possible?? .....only in America, can a person hold a salary and benefits paying position, and not even know how the fuck to do their job....joder!

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