Monday, March 1, 2010

I am sick, sick, sick of your shit!!!

Ladies, its okay to bitch to you friends about the problems going on with you and your significant other, but dont bitch about how no good he/she is, send a mass text to all of your and his/her friends about how he ate your asshole, cheat on him in mixed company, update your facebook status with comments like, "i'm done with your bitch ass", or "fuck that dirty ass n***a, he done did me dirty for the last time", and then get back with him the next day! YOU just end up looking like a foolish silly ass bitch! Most likely, being your friend we already know all the dumbass shit you and your significant other go through cuz your always bitchin about it, so its probably not a good idea to out your entire relationship and all the intimate details to the entire internet world, and blow up your friends newsfeeds with your stupid ass comments. That's the kind of shit that gets you deleted! So please, PLEASE, don't make yourselves look like silly hoes!...for your sake and mine. And if he's doing so much to cause you to make yourself look silly, leave his ass already. He's CLEARLY no good.
-tellin it Like it is

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