Wednesday, May 26, 2010

life changes, accept it

true friends do all they can
because they understand
life lives and thus continues living
it doesn't stop, back-up, or reverse its doings
we each have our own and are inept to what it brings
embracing curiosity and following a dream
walking on a path to discover what it means
it doesn't matter what direction that path may take
if a true friend will be there when that path breaks
that doesn't mean to sit in the distance and leave me alone
it doesn't mean I only want you to be there when its gone
its not a reason for you to hold a grudge
its a reason for you to truly show your love
for being in the distance might be what it takes, while I try to figure it out on my own
but that doesn't exempt you from wanting to show face or forgetting that my existence is known
for once i find my piece of mind
know that what i was following was for me
know that although my style might change, my guidelines might change,
but if you cant accept it we will never be
the same as we were before i step my foot on the trail in front of me.
for life is but what living we do.
i wasn't born in this world because of you
there's a journey for me to take and it might be long
but just because i'm not there like i used to be does not mean i'm wrong
i do what i do, for me
to ensure my longevity
and as time goes by we only get old
so don't not invite me cuz i'm searching for my gold.
a true friend truly understands, and will be there as i roam the lands
for tis but a true friend that has your back
after years of separation
and its just like that.

By Jessica Thomas