Friday, April 30, 2010

CALL OF DUTY ( a poem i wrote while watching my boyfriend play the game)

Your sentry gun was stolen!
are you playing the video game, or is it playing you?
is it only a matter of time before it becomes true?
it's just a game, you know, something fun to do,
but in the end,
is that really true?
switchin back and forth in-beteen guns,
dropping bombs on folks, creating nuclear suns,
perpetuating violence in your time of chill
or subconsciously learning how to REALLY kill
its fun when you're gaming from a seat in your home
but is it really just a way to get you in the zone
to learn on your own, to hate from home, and fall ill to the
perrils and violence to come
to get you in the game
train you to maintain an honest belief in violence mane
rage war on your enemies for a status gain
its a shame
yet you say its just a game.

By Jessica Thomas

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